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Simply Tasty, Delightful & Sweet!

About Us

We are a group of bakers from Humber College looking to excel in our baking careers. We have been baking for years and are extremely excited to share our passions with you!

Meet the Bakers

Our bakers, like their creations, are super delightful and delightfully sweet! Click below to learn more about our bakers and their passion for baking!

Baking Videos

Get to know our bakers even better by checking out our video library, where we tell you about ourselves and even show you how we make our signature desserts!

Our Latest Blog:

Cross-faculty Collaborations

The Tipsy Trio is a group of students from the Baking & Pastry Arts at Humber College. Both into nachos and French macarons, the group has come up with a new idea: to create French Macarons that look and eat like nachos.
We, the students[…]

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